Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arena LARP Rules For May 17th

Please look over and critique these rules:

On May 17th, as a part of the BROOMBALL LOCK-IN AND YOUTH SUNDAY event, we will be having a LARP game at St. Thomas, both outdoors and indoors. This worked great when we had an impromptu LARP game on April 6th, and I have some rules that will only apply for the 17th that I am posting.

You may either use a character you've already created or you may start with a new character. If you use an already-created character you can gain levels for our later, bigger LARP events. The rules may different, but the levels can still carry over. As we begin each person can choose to be a rogue, mage, fighter, or priest. We'll split into groups.

General- Every person can be hit two times by any weapon and die. Once dead, you go into the youth room for a 2 minute period, afterwards you regenerate with all weapons and spells.  Each group gets a point for each member of the other teams they kill. They lose points for each one of their own group that dies. Only rouges and fighters can use weapons.

Mage- A mage will be able to pick three spells, any spells that can affect only one person at a time. Once you've cast a spell you are stuck with that spell for the remainder of the game. You can pick just about any spell except a spell that 'kills' someone. For instance if someone picks 'freeze', the person they call it on is frozen until they are touched by someone else. They may have a 'heal' spell that allows them to regenerate any of their teammates automatically. The spells do not have be declared until they are cast, but once they are cast, you cannot change them. Once you run out of spells, you cannot cast them again until you die and regenerate. Spells are cast by pointing at someone and calling out the name of the spell. Every 'offensive spell' (magic missiles, fireball, lightning bolt, etc) counts as one 'hit'. The person hit by any spell MUST act the spell out or they are considered 'dead' and must go regenerate.

Priests- All priests have the same spells: heal and bless. Heal can be used by anyone is going to the youth room to regenerate or someone who is in the youth room regenerating. A heal spell brings a person back to full hit points and gives them all their spells back. A bless spell returns all spells to a mage. Any priest may cast any combination of spells any time. A priest has five spells a regeneration.

Fighter- All fighters can dual wield and use any weapon except bow and arrow.

Rogue- A rogue can only use a dagger, short sword or bow and arrow. If a rogue hits someone it is automatic death. A rogue can drop all their weapons and 'tag' someone, calling 'steal'. The person they 'tag' must give up all weapons and go look for new ones.

These are similar to what we used on April 6th and it was a blast. I hope May 17th works out the same way.