Monday, February 24, 2014

Rough Outline of Major LARP Event

1) Some new rules will be written, though most will stay the same as the last event. In particular there will be additions added for general hand signals used to get 'out of game' so combat won't be interrupted by rule questions, injuries, and the like. A handbook containing rules, applications, and a detailed outline of the event will be made up.

2) The goal is to have 6-8 teams, each consisting of 4-8 people. The cost per person should run about $35- $40 which would include meals and staying in the dorms. These teams will bring weapons (which must be registered and marked as "enchanted" or "mundane"), costumes, a flag, choose a color and etc.

3) We will need 12-16 adults and volunteers to help run the game as NPCs for the quests and game masters. There will be needs for additional adults for each team, for safety. We will also need people to help cook.

4) Teams would be required to help cook and clean up, as well as spending 1 hour the first day as a roaming band of orcs or other dark figures who complicate the lives of questing parties and individuals.

5) There will be ongoing arena battles where people can do 1-on-1 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 battles. This will be used to gain game points for the team, and "money" that can be used to buy manna potions (re-upping spells), health potions and additional weapons (available at the 'inn').

6) There will be periodic opportunities to do hunger-games style events like the one at the end of the last event. These too will add to game points, money, and the like.

7) A team will be able to challenge another team to a 30-minute battle of the same type we did last weekend, in that particular area of the camp, under almost the exact same rules. A team can decline a challenge, but declining a challenge means you gain no game points. Losing a challenge is worth game points, so within the context of game points, it is better to accept and lose than decline.

8) Each team will have a quest to complete the first day of the event. Failure to complete the quest means conscription into the Orc Army at the end. Quests will include hunting a werewolf, chasing down and defeating the roaming band of Orcs, collecting ingredients for a special spell, and more.

9) The players will stay in the dorms. There will be a boy and girls dorm so there will be a limited number of spaces for boys and girls. Additionally, the two teams with the highest game points will be able to claim the cabins for sleeping arrangements as their 'castles'.

10) During the night, in the area around the dorms (well-lit) there will be three 'night raids' similar to the one we did over the weekend. Everyone will have a chance to get up and claim glory.

11) At the end of the first day, two 'kings' will be chosen to conscript the other teams into two armies. They can plan out their attacks.

12) The final battle will take place in the area we were at this weekend. It will be a full-on war between the two armies.

13) PART of the losing army will be conscripted into the orc army at the end, joined by super-powered DMs. This group will then fight the winning army from #12.

14) There will then be major clean up and weapons collections, de-registration and then home.

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