Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When Would You Like To LARP Next? (PLEASE comment in the comments section)

We have five options:

June- We could do it early June, just after school is out. Advantages: We won't be in the hottest part of the summer yet, and we have the freedom of not having any school or schedules to worry about. It is also sooner than any other option. Disadvantages: It still will be mighty hot, and many people are on vacation or at camp this time of year.

August- Advantages: Most people will be home from vacation and we still have the freedom of summer to work with. Disadvantages: It is going to be hot, very hot.

October 2-3- The 2nd is an early dismissal day and the 3rd is teacher professional development. This is a Thursday and Friday. Advantages: The weather should be relatively nice. Disadvantages: Teachers would be unavailable to help on Friday and it would be hard for college students to join us, making adult help very difficult.

November 24-25- This is during Thanksgiving Holiday. Advantages: The weather shouldn't be too cold yet, and everyone is off. Disadvantages: Many people go on vacation during this time.

Any single Saturday in the Fall- This would not be an overnight event. Advantages: Flexibility, we can pick almost any Saturday. Disadvantages: This would be less fun (no sleeping at the dorms) for more money, since the camp charges noon one day to noon the next day, you have to buy two days for half the adventure. We could play all day, but there would be no overnight stuff.

Please make your vote in the comment section below.

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